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Tufts Crisis Mapping Class » Class 6

Class 6

Conclusions and Next Steps
April 19, 2011
Guest Speaker:
Crisis Mappers panel, TBD
Group Presentations: all
Group Blogs Due: all

This class will offer students a chance to reflect on their experiences in the course, ask questions of experienced members of the crisis mapping field, and share ideas for how they will use crisis mapping in their future careers.

Students will:

  • Ignite Presentations¬† 45 minutes

      Each student group will make a 5-minute ignite presentation about their experience during the simulation. Each team will have an additional 3 – 5 minutes for questions and discussion.

    • The class will break into working group discussions with class members and Crisis Mapping guests to discuss their new understanding of crisis mapping tools and techniques

    Frontline Assignment Due April 8

    • Using the techniques discussed in class, think through a work flow in which you could use FrontlineSMS for your organization
    • Write out this work flow briefly using any format you choose (bullets, paragraph, workflow, etc.)
    • Questions to consider:
      • What assumptions are you making?
      • What are considerations you need to make?
      • How can this go wrong?
    • Please don’t forget to work through the process needed as well as what you are asking of your reporting population
    • Please email this to Roz and Jennifer by midnight on Friday, April 8. This is an individual assignment (but you can consult your group.)

    Assignments Due April 19th (will be updated shortly)

    Blog Post: In your NGO teams, return to your original program design. Thinking about everything you have learned this semester, how would you change your original plans?  What would you do differently? Where would you incorporate the technologies we have been learning about?  What do you expect the implications of this to be Рboth for your program, and for the overall situation in which you are operating? Due April 19th at 5:00.

    Ignite Presentation:

    In your crisis simulation teams, prepare a 5-minute ignite presentation about your experience during the simulation.

    What did you do?
    What problems or challenges did you face?
    What worked well? What do you think your successes were?
    What difference do you think your presence made to unfolding of the crisis? Think of both positive and negative possible effects.
    What did you learn? What would you do differently next time?
    What recommendations would you give to the broader crisis mapping community? (give 3 to 5 recommendations).