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Tufts Crisis Mapping Class » Class 4

Class 4

Google’s Geospatial Technologies – Google Maps and Google Earth
March 15, 2011
Guest Speaker:
Patrick Florence, Tufts GIS
Presentation Groups: CRS, Red Cross
Blogs Due: MoH, WFP, UNICEF

This class will introduce students to basic mapping and GIS vocabulary through the presentation of some of the most easily-accessible and useful open source mapping tools:  Google Maps, Google Earth and Open Street Maps.

Students will:

  • Learn how to navigate Google Earth and create KML files from GPS data sets.
  • Learn how to choose from among the variety of available options for sharing geo-located data online.

Readings (due to copyright laws, some readings are available here)

Students should come prepared to discuss the importance (or unimportance) of data visualization for their respective scenarios.


Students are required to create a crowd map using the dataset emailed to them on Tuesday. Please see the assignment emailed to you for detailed instructions.