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Tufts Crisis Mapping Class » Class 2

Class 2

New Cartographers – Open Street Map
February 15, 2011
Guest Speaker:
Presentation Groups: 1,2,3,4,5 (note these are informal presentations)
Group Blogs Due: none

Ultimately, any technology is only as useful as its relevance to the needs of the affected populations and responders in the field. However, one of the first things responders need is a physical map of the location. This class teaches students the basics of “filling in a map” using Open Street Map.

Students will:

  • Get a chance to discuss the response effort for the ‘crisis’ in a mock ‘cluster meeting’
  • Gain exposure to the new cartography used with Open Street Map
  • Learn the premise of editing Open Street Maps

In Class Work
Students will be required to present their preliminary action and assessment plan during class. The groups will be given 15 minutes to meet before the group leader will be given 3 minutes to brief ROMENACA and the other teams. The presentation is meant to be informal but short, so no powerpoint or visual aids are needed.

After the presentations and discussion, the students will receive a short training on OSM. The goal is to understand the way participatory GIS is changing the mapping fields.

For the in-class presentation, please click here.

Readings (due to copyright laws, some readings are available here)

  • Map Kibera Wiki:
    • “The Story of Map Kibera”
    • Skim two other wiki sections based on your interest
  • Article: “Citizens as sensors: the world of volunteered geography.” Goodchild, Michael F., GeoJournal, Vol 69, pp  211 – 221, 2007.
  • News Article: “Mapping a Crisis.” Osborne, Christopher. The Guardian,  February 12, 2010.
  • Report: “Expert Group Meeting on Slum Identification and Mapping,” Richard Sliuzas, Gora Mboup, Alex de Sherbinin.  UN HABITAT, 2008.

Assignments Due

  • Sign up for the Crisis Mappers network, please ‘add’ Roz to show that you have done the assignment.
  • Write one personal half page note for the class blog (please submit this blog under YOUR username, email Roz if you’re having trouble):
    • Why did you choose to take this class?
    • What do you want to get out of it?
  • Review the crisis scenario, and prepare the memo detailed in Part I of the assignment for Class 1. This will be basis of your presentation in class.