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Course Information

EXP-0044-S – Crisis Mapping: Technology, Resources, and Disaster Relief
0.5 credit, Letter-graded, Call #04352
Tuesday, 6:30-9:00 PM, East 016

This is a half-credit course that will meet every other week throughout the semester, beginning on Tuesday, February 1. There will be an information session on Tuesday, January 25 at 6:30 pm.

Crisis mapping is an emerging interdisciplinary field that uses technology to aid in the response to humanitarian emergencies. As the world takes notice of the dramatic new possibilities opened up by these tools, there is a rapidly growing need for skilled professionals who understand both how to implement crisis mapping platforms in their work, and the broader implications of applying mapping technologies within various contexts of international social change.

This course aims to teach students about the field and equip them with the skills to use the most important crisis mapping tools. It will also survey, around the world, how crisis mapping technologies are being applied to an increasingly wide range of scenarios, including the monitoring of elections and human rights abuses, citizen journalist mobilization, conflict tracking, and aid evaluation.

Students will become part of a growing global network of skilled ‘crisis mappers.’