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Why Crisis Mapping?…

So I’d graduated from college, moved a few miles away into Cambridge, started dabbling with the whole “working-world” thing… and it was a lot of fun! To have free time to explore, to try new things, and generally just to live life for myself was both exciting and exhilarating. I was meeting new people, discovering new coffee shops, going to ICA gallery openings, checking to-dos off the bucket list, and able to listen to NPR every morning. It was incredible to feel how seemingly overnight — now that I could be described by both the titles ‘BA’ and ‘Marketing Manager’ — I had been inducted respectfully into the world of adulthood. With all of the newness I really felt myself grow. Well, about three months later the newness started to wear … Read entire article »

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Eric’s First Post– Why I Want to Crisis Map?

Hello newly discovered crisis mapping world, Not only is this my first post on a crisis mapping blog, it’s my first ever post on a blog. So obviously I’m not exactly Mr. Web 2.0 (though I am pretty good at iMovie and Garage Band and I do have to help my mom with her facebook account every so often). Why then, am I interested in learning how to crisis map? Well, I’ll let me tell you. I first heard about crisis mapping in an article in The Daily during the Haiti crisis. Even with such little understanding of the new technology, I thought that it was an incredibly ingenious enterprise and was so proud of my fellow Tufts students. I decided to take this class because I was looking for something “different” … Read entire article »

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