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The Adventures of the Catholic Relief Services Team and Google Earth

Last week we explored Ushahidi as a mapping platform for crises, in particular the earthquake in Rabat, Morocco. More recently we used Google Earth to map the cases we wished to deal with on the ground. After having experience with both platforms, we came to the conclusion that Google Earth offers better resources for our goals. For example, Google Earth provides better visualization of geographic satellite information such as the location of roads and buildings, and paths from aid stations to where it is needed. This was especially useful to us because CRS’ mandate targets the poor and the disaster stricken, who typically live in areas that aren’t mapped. For example, our crowdmap could not provide details of the shantytowns; thus, we felt that Google Earth was much more useful … Read entire article »

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Catholic Relief Services – First Blog Post

Catholic Relief Services first began by examining the overall situation, and coming up with a decision on whether or not to get involved. Based on our mandate and our lack of previous experience in Morocco, we decided we would be more of a hindrance should we attempt to enter the community immediately, and it would be better to carry our projects once the situation was more stabilised. We also decided to focus on a specific target population, the coastal shanty towns of Rabat, in line with our mandate of fighting poverty. We then sought to gain a better understanding of the situation on the ground, from which we could then construct a plan of action to address the most pressing … Read entire article »

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Sunetra’s First Blog

I chose to take this class because it sounded really interesting and groundbreaking. As a Community Health and History major, I am in particularly interested in the effects of epidemics and crises on the political, social and cultural status of an affected population. The readings for the previous class about the origins of crisis mapping developing from disease outbreaks was thus very interesting to me, and I’d like to learn more about those techniques, and their application to general crises. In addition, I learned some basic GIS for an internship studying the effects of air pollution on health in populations in close proximity to highways, and it was a great experience. To that end, I’d love to learn more about mapping systems, their general functions and applications to real life … Read entire article »

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