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World Food Programme Crowd Map

World Food Programme – Blog Post 2 Crowd Map and SMS Information Rebecca Graffy, Vanessa Joch, Lucy Perkins, Eric Siegel Establishing a Crowd Map: For the first assignment since beginning work on the WFP’s response plan, our group did not meet in person to discuss the assignment and complete it together. We worked on the map remotely, discussing the process in an email thread. Each member of the team was made a super admin to divide up approval of text responsibilities. Team members added categories independently as they mapped. Whether to Map: The WFP’s goals of immediate food relief and long-term food security depend upon the ability to locate needy populations. The WFP needs to know where the IDPs are gathering, what they already have at their … Read entire article »

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Plan of the World Food Programme

World Food Programme – Blog Post Rebecca Graffy, Vanessa Joch, Lucy Perkins, Eric Siegel Program Development: Process and Challenges -The WFP does not have an office in Morocco, so an immediate challenge was determining how to collect information and form a presence on the ground where we previously had none. Furthermore, the WFP has had tense relations with the Moroccan government as of late and so we were initially unsure as to how receptive the government would be towards our efforts. -Our program depends upon being able to survey the affected populations swiftly and accurately, a challenge given that the population is likely to be scattered, anxious, and not trusting of foreign staff. We do not know to what extent we can expect our surveys to accurately reflect the situation. -One of our main concerns … Read entire article »

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Why learn about crisis mapping

Being a Senior, I spent much of winter break searching job listings on iNGO websites. I’m looking for a field position in the Middle East. One of the listings I considered was an entry level field volunteer position,  The online application included questions about training in and knowledge about disaster response procedures and technologies. When I found myself answering “none” to every single question, well… it was sad. When I saw this crisis mapping class listed on the Excollege website in early January, I knew I wanted to take it. I didn’t even know what crisis mapping was, yet I was excited for this class. It sounded very hands on and geared towards acquiring practical skills. I am currently feeling like I’ll only be qualified to write a paper when I … Read entire article »

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