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World Food Program: Concluding Post

Original Program Design As the World Food Program, our ultimate mission in this scenario is to promote long-term food security. After assessing the needs of the population in the face of the Rabat earthquake crisis, we judged that doing so would require a two-phase approach. We first have to provide immediate aid as a part of the response effort. Concurrently, we should begin the development of programs to promote long-term food stability as an integral part of the reconstruction process. These will continue beyond the duration of the immediate crisis. For each of these phases we designed plans to meet our objectives. As a part of the response effort, we would lead an aid-distribution effort that galvanized local fishermen into a network of distributors servicing the camps developing along the Bou Regreg … Read entire article »

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Eric’s First Post– Why I Want to Crisis Map?

Hello newly discovered crisis mapping world, Not only is this my first post on a crisis mapping blog, it’s my first ever post on a blog. So obviously I’m not exactly Mr. Web 2.0 (though I am pretty good at iMovie and Garage Band and I do have to help my mom with her facebook account every so often). Why then, am I interested in learning how to crisis map? Well, I’ll let me tell you. I first heard about crisis mapping in an article in The Daily during the Haiti crisis. Even with such little understanding of the new technology, I thought that it was an incredibly ingenious enterprise and was so proud of my fellow Tufts students. I decided to take this class because I was looking for something “different” … Read entire article »

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