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Why I’m in a crisis mapping class

Why did you choose to take this class?

  • I heard so much about the Ushahidi Haiti Project last year and it really fascinated me conceptually. Taking a few anthro courses here and there has made me interested in what people think about the interventions in their lives, and the power of this technology to help affected populations shape the responses geared towards them is unprecedented. I’m excited by the subject matter and I wanted a change of pace from exclusively theory based subject matter.

What do you want to get out of it?

  • As a semi-useless IR major, I’m excited to learn real skills that actually have the potential to be useful in the “real world.” Joking aside, I’m hoping to gain a familiarity with the technology but more importantly, a familiarity with the complexities of this model  that will hopefully enable me to act in an informed matter if I were to work on some sort of disaster. Lastly, I’m hoping that working on projects will give me a better sense of the potential applications (and limitations) for this type of technology. I’m particularly interested in the applications relating to long term development/reconstruction projects, and while that isn’t the direct focus of the class, I’m hoping to at least have a point of departure for understanding other possibilities.

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I'm a junior studying international relations at Tufts, with a smattering of other interests such as anthropology, Latin America, economic development, español, energy, etc. I just spent the last semester abroad in Chile and that is pretty much all I talk about at present. I keep busy when not busy with Tufts things by going to art museums, biking, cooking, reading and making jewelry.

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