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Why learn about crisis mapping

Being a Senior, I spent much of winter break searching job listings on iNGO websites. I’m looking for a field position in the Middle East. One of the listings I considered was an entry level field volunteer position,  The online application included questions about training in and knowledge about disaster response procedures and technologies. When I found myself answering “none” to every single question, well… it was sad.

When I saw this crisis mapping class listed on the Excollege website in early January, I knew I wanted to take it. I didn’t even know what crisis mapping was, yet I was excited for this class. It sounded very hands on and geared towards acquiring practical skills. I am currently feeling like I’ll only be qualified to write a paper when I graduate, so I really hope to gain lots of real world skills necessary for work in humanitarian aid. I am interested in the application of crisis mapping skills to disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis, but also to events such as the Cairo demonstrations. Additionally, I worked with Iraqi refugees in Jordan last year and would love to be able to apply mapping skills to my work there, perhaps in monitoring refugee settlement patterns in Jordan and Syria, and in comparing outcomes for Muslim Iraqis, Christian Iraqis, etc.

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