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Madeline’s blog post

I chose to take this class mainly because the title seemed interesting and I knew absolutely nothing about the subject. I’m planning on majoring in english and environmental studies with a minor in media studies and this subject has nothing to do with my areas of interest in school. However, I am really interested in how social media could be used for good and helping people, and this class definitely seems like it could help me explore that.I haven’t really taken any courses with potential like this one has.

I don’t have anything specifically that I want to get out of this class. I want to learn a new skill that’s actually useful in the real world and that could be used to help people. I don’t feel like any class I’ve taken at Tufts so far actually have given me hand-on skills like this class could. I really like the aspect of the group work and how to figure out managing extremely complex situations and compromising. Just the one class that we’ve had has shown me how hard this work must be when it’s actually in the field, when I was struggling to do it sitting at my computer in the safety of my room.

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