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Blog post 1: It has so many applications

I wanted to take this course mostly because it is the type of work that I want to go into. At Tufts I am a sophomore double majoring in International Relations and Community Health. Over the past few years, I have found that my interests lie in the field of global development, with a specific focus on global health. While humanitarian aid is different from development in a couple different ways, there is definitely an overlap between the two.

I think that crisis mapping is an excellent method that can be used to really help people that are in need The technology that can be used from such a grass roots base can go a long way towards tackling a number of different things. I think that this class will be a fantastic chance to learn about the field, to learn about humanitarian aid works in general, and to learn about the tools used and all of their applications.

I have a particular interest in the emergence of mHealth and its implications for the field of development work. MHealth and crisis mapping work in much the similar way, and use some of the same tools. To make programs in development work, they really need to be built from the ground up. Crisis Mapping and mHealth build from that level.

From this class I hope to gain a working knowledge of the field, and hopefully some proficiency in the tools that we are going to learn how to use. I think that the possibilities with such technology are limitless, and I look forward to seeing how they develop over the next few years.

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I am currently a Sophomore at Tufts University studying International Relations and Community Health.

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